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Study reaffirms: Cancer treatment, mental health care should go together

Publication: Austin-American Statesman

Survey data from Texas Oncology indicates that most cancer patients experience symptoms of depression or anxiety, and many feel less attractive or confident. Texas Oncology patient Randi Sparks shares the impact of recurrent breast cancer on her mental health and the support she received from her multidisciplinary team, including Maygen Hansard, LMSW of Texas Oncology–Wichita Falls Cancer Center. Other members of the Texas Oncology team also share their perspectives on cancer and mental health. Aimee Mackey, M.D., FACS of Texas Breast Specialists–San Marcos and South Austin, emphasizes the importance of involving patients in their treatment and connecting them with resources and support. Stephanie Broussard, the director of social work and palliative care at Texas Oncology, shares mental health warning signs to look out for.

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