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Lori Brisbin

Vice President, Precision Medicine

Lori Brisbin introduced and now leads the precision medicine program at Texas Oncology, which is focused on patient care, research, and maximizing the opportunities for clinical trial participation for patients. Her team is responsible for developing and implementing clinical diagnostic pathways for increasing the appropriate use of complete genomic profiling across the practice. The precision medicine program is also responsible for developing and maintaining various data sources, including the electronic medical record, pharmacy management system, and molecular data warehouse, which houses more than 200,000 molecular profiles.

Brisbin has a bachelor of science degree in biology from the University of Albany, New York, and a master of science degree in molecular biology from Syracuse University, where she studied cell signaling pathways and genetic engineering. She also has a master of legal studies in healthcare law from the University of Oklahoma.

Prior to joining Texas Oncology, Lori worked in HIV research for the molecular virology program at the NIH under the oversight of Dr. Robert Gallow. Brisbin then transitioned to industry, working with several diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies in domestic and global markets, including Roche Molecular Systems and Novartis. Brisbin specializes in product development and commercialization of new technologies and markets, such as molecular virology, nucleic acid blood screening, and precision oncology.