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Read the latest Texas Oncology news and stories highlighting south Texas practices and patients.

Telemedicine: When I'm Here, But My Doctor Is There

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Lung Cancer: Breathe in the Facts, Bust the Myths

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Common Breast Cancer Myths: The Truth About Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer: Surgical Considerations

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Cancer in the Workplace: Tips to Support Co-Workers with Cancer

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Surprising Links Between Diabetes and Cancer and How to Reduce the Risks

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Treatments Putting Chemo in the Backseat

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Life Blood How Breakthrough CAR-T Therapy Attacks Cancer

Media Outlet: Healthy Magazine, Austin Medical Times

Texas Oncology physicians pen a bylined article detailing CAR-T, a personalized therapy that involves engineering a patient’s own immune system’s blood cells – arming the cells – to attack cancer cells. Earlier this year, Texas Oncology–Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer became the second facility in the state to provide groundbreaking FDA-approved CAR-T therapy for DLBCL cancer.

Convince Me: Why Should I Participate in a Clinical Trial?

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The Great Eight: Healthy Habits for Men to Help Prevent Cancer

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