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Texas Breast Specialists in Dallas

Texas Breast Specialists in Dallas provide comprehensive breast care for women.

Texas Breast Specialists is an allied group of physicians, including breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and breast radiologists, dedicated to diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the breast – both cancerous and benign. Together, they provide comprehensive breast care to patients in the communities where they live.

Our patients in Dallas can receive breast imaging and diagnostics, surgical therapy, and complete cancer treatment services, all within the same family of physicians.

We believe in higher standards of care, from treatments and technologies to a hands-on approach to patient interactions. We spend more time listening to our patients, diagnosing their problems, and finding effective treatments.

These touches don’t just mean a better patient experience. We believe that they can result in better understanding, more effective treatments, and greater hope for success.

Texas Breast Specialists in Dallas work closely with your primary care physicians to provide you with the best care possible from diagnosis through survivorship.

Dallas Breast Surgeons: