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Careopolis: Enhancing A Patient’s Support System

August 06, 2021
Texas Oncology now offers Careopolis – an online “caring community” where patients can connect with family and friends. Careopolis is a private, invitation-only, mobile-friendly, and bilingual (English and Spanish) online community with many interactive and integrated features such as a calendar, photo-sharing, storytelling tools, and 3-D medical animations.  

It’s important that patients feel connected and engaged with their community, especially during a pandemic. Careopolis offers a way for patients to build a supportive and empathetic community, where friends and family can become part of a patient’s journey. 

We know how much our patients value their strong support networks, and we understand the importance of being close to your support network when you’re fighting cancer. Treating cancer and blood disorders goes beyond medicine, and we’re pleased to offer Careopolis to patients and their families. 

Click here to learn more about Careopolis.

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