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Dr. Andrew Lee Highlights Benefits of Proton Therapy this Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September 05, 2017

As we kick off Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to continue the conversation around proton therapy’s potential benefits for prostate cancer patients. In the treatment of prostate cancer, it’s been scientifically proven that proton therapy produces fewer side effects than a standard form of therapy and offers promising survival and cure rates.

At Texas Center for Proton Therapy, we offer the most advanced proton therapy in the state, and some of the most advanced prostate cancer therapy in the world. Proton therapy delivers targeted radiation to tumors, guided by highly-accurate imaging technology. Using a focused beam only a few millimeters wide, our team is able to precisely paint each tumor with protons. The protons delivered to the tumor destroy cancerous cells, while minimizing damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. This is especially important to consider when treating cancers in sensitive areas where conventional therapy may not be the best option, such as the prostate.

The primary goals of proton therapy are the same as any cancer regimen — to treat our patients most effectively, while causing fewer side effects and maintaining quality of life. Our team, however, has the added benefit of using the most advanced radiation technology. Due to its precision, proton therapy allows prostate cancer patients – among others – to experience just that. The vast majority of our patients are able to receive treatment and still continue to work full time and enjoy normal day-to-day activities.

As with any time of cancer, treatment options vary depending on how advanced the prostate cancer is and if it has spread to other body parts. Our physicians work with each of our patients to determine the most appropriate form of treatment.

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