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Introducing Jack Ogden to Texas Oncology—San Antonio Stone Oak

September 08, 2023

Jack Ogden, M.D., hematologist and medical oncologist, is now seeing patients at Texas Oncology—San Antonio Stone Oak. Dr. Ogden shares the moment he knew he wanted a career in oncology and his favorite thing to do since arriving in San Antonio.

How has your career shaped who you are?

My career has become a major part of my identity, teaching me the lessons of accountability, humility, and compassion. The qualities that make you successful as a physician also help you to live a fulfilling life outside of work.

As a physician you become acutely aware of how your decisions impact others. You see the direct results of your actions and realize the importance of asking for help and working as a team to obtain the best patient outcome.

I’ve learned that you can never fully know what another person is going through, but you can make a positive impact by treating them with love and empathy. I am very fortunate to be in this career.

What has been a defining moment in your medical education?

In my fourth year of medical school, I did an elective rotation in oncology. I had been following a patient whose lung cancer had progressed, and we had no more treatment options. I asked my attending if I could be the one to deliver the news. I felt like I had failed them and they would be upset with me. But instead, the patient grabbed his wife by the hand and said, “It’ll be ok. I’m the luckiest man in the world because I got to be married to you, and I’ve had an amazing life.” In that moment, I understood the privilege we have as physicians to be part of these special relationships that make life meaningful, and decided I wanted to pursue a career in oncology.

What are you most looking forward to as cancer treatment continues to evolve?

As a medical oncologist, when prescribing cancer treatments, I always take into consideration if a treatment will allow my patient to live longer or feel better. Fortunately, the last 10 years in oncology have seen tremendous improvement with treatments like targeted therapies and immunotherapy. It is an exciting time to be starting a career in oncology, and while we still have a long way to go, we are at an inflection point on our path toward the goal of effectively treating or managing all forms of cancer.

What are you regularly tuning into right now (e.g., podcast, show, book, etc.)?

I just finished the latest season of Ted Lasso, which was very funny and a great, feel-good show. I’ve also been on a fantasy kick lately, reading a series called the “Stormlight Archive” by Brandon Sanderson.

What’s the best volunteer experience you had and what did you do?

In college, I went on a week-long medical mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala with a group called Faith in Practice, where I assisted the surgeons in the operating room. It was incredible to see the impact those physicians had on the patients and their families. It helped solidify my desire to enter the medical field.

How did you get started running marathons?

In high school I played on the soccer, football, basketball, and golf teams. However, in college, I no longer had routine sports practices to keep me in shape, so I decided to try running. It quickly became my main form of exercise, as well as my way to de-stress. In 2011, I ran my first marathon in Houston, and after that I became obsessed with seeing how many I could do.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Antonio?

I am really enjoying San Antonio so far. The food here has been amazing, and my wife and I love trying out new restaurants. I’ve spent most of my life in Texas but can confidently say that San Antonio has the best Mexican and Tex-Mex food I’ve had! We are very excited to be here and continue exploring all the things this city has to offer.

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