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Cancer Patients Have a New Hope

Publication: KWKT-TV (FOX), Waco

Cancer patients now have a new hope with targeted therapies, recently used in clinical trials. Researchers used a combination of a pill and an injectable to try to shrink the breast cancer tumors in women.

Sixty-five women were given this combo before the surgery and about a quarter of them actually did experience the shrinkage of tumors within eleven days.

Dr. Carlos Encarnacion with Texas Oncology told us that while these results are exciting, the therapies will not be replacing the traditional treatment methods anytime soon. He said, it will take years before these therapies will be used in clinical practice.

The goal is to eliminate the chemotherapy all together and make patient's life a bit easier during cancer treatment.

The doctor said clinical trials are crucial to research and advancement of medical care and encourages anyone, who can to sign up for such a trial.