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Nurse Who Was Told She Had Months To Live Has 100th Chemo Treatment Four Years Later

Publication: KXXV-TV (ABC, Waco)

After being diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer in 2014, a Waco woman was given just six to eight months to live. But four years later, Marliss Williams has received her 100th chemo treatment and is now in remission. 

"God knows when I'm supposed to leave this Earth, not me," said Williams. "It is extremely rare for somebody with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer to get this far and do this well."

While many with this diagnosis often choose hospice or palliative care, Williams, a labor and delivery nurse, chose to battle her disease head-on with her oncologist, Dr. Chakmakjan. Williams has recently received nearly clear scans.

"I put my trust in God. He's the one who knows what's going on," said Williams. "I don't know all the time. I'm trying to listen, but it's hard."

To celebrate this impressive milestone, the nurses at Texas Oncology in Waco thew Williams a surprise party. Balloons were tied to her chair and cupcakes and candy were put out for all of the patients to enjoy.

"This is uncharted waters, especially for pancreatic cancer," said Laura Schmidt, nursing infusion supervisor at Texas Oncology. "This a feat in itself. To look at her, I mean, does she look like she's going through treatment? No, she is great!"

A moment that will forever remind Williams why the toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers.

"I'm very excited! I'm just bouncing off the walls. I know I've still got to take chemo and I'm accepting it. There's no question about it because, like I said, this is rare," said Williams. "You just take each day at a time."

During the last four years, Williams also welcomed her grandchild into the world. 

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