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Waco: Woman survives cancer with help from previous trials

Publication: KWTX-TV (CBS, Waco)

Just months ago Cindie Young was flying high emotionally and physically as a flight attendant, but after feeling like something wasn’t right with her body she went to see her regular doctor.

The doctor didn’t notice anything wrong.

"Didn't feel anything horrible but you said you feel something so let's go in," said Young.

“Three weeks later I had a test and they found out it was breast cancer.”

Diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer Young’s family came to mind.

"I have two teenage daughters 12 and 15 and that's what was going through my brain, is that I have to fight and have to do whatever I have to do to make sure this never comes back," says Young.

After studying the cancer and different tests, Young and her doctor discovered she could be treated without chemo.

They did a test called a Mammaprint, which determined her risk of recurrence was low.

"Normally I would have a mastectomy then chemo and all of that, but because of these test that are available now I didn't have to have chemo," says Young.

Dr. Encarnacion of Texas Oncology says only 5% of all patients participate in these trials, but if treatment is going to improve, then everyone should try to help.

"That is the only way for medicine to approve and for new discoveries to be made," says Encarnacion.

Young who is a trial participant, is just happy to be in remission and heading back to the skies.

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