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Central Texas Cancer Survivor Gives Credit to Doctor Communication

Publication: KWTX-TV (CBS, Waco)

When Sharron Davis was diagnosed with cancer back in 2017, many emotions were running through her head.

"It was daunting, scary, and it was terrifying," says Davis who was travelling from West to Waco for appointments.

"I had never had a medical issue and it just hit me," says Davis who decided she wasn't going to fight without more knowledge.

Davis created a list of questions for her doctor, Carlos Encarnacion.

"Here is an example we have a patient that is very well informed that comes in with some ideas and suggestions," says Encarnacion.

Preferring that his patients come in with questions, Encarnacion answered everything Davis asked.

"He answered all my questions and he took the time to actually write them down," says Davis.

After much communication Davis felt well informed and made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy, along with many other treatments.

In turn, this has led to her cancer going into remission.

"I had an input, and I felt comfortable with it," says Davis following her many treatments.

Davis credits the conversations she had with Dr. Encarnacion, and believes that is the reason she's made it into remission.

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