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Cheering Courage: Celebrating the Resiliency of Cancer Patients

Publication: Wacoan

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, patients, caregivers, and healthcare workers are quietly, yet courageously, fighting cancer together. Here are ways you can cheer their courage from a safe distance.

  • Get creative. Break out the sidewalk chalk, sew a mask, send a handwritten letter, or send a special video message to show your support.
  • Connect with your local community. Reach out to community organizations and encourage them to cheer courage as a group.
  • Offer to help. Lend an ear or offer a helping hand as a reminder that no one has to fight cancer alone.

Living with cancer is among life’s most difficult experiences. Join Texas Oncology as we cheer the courage, strength, and resiliency of cancer patients and those who fight alongside them.

Justin Wray, M.D., Ph.D., is a radiation oncologist at Texas Oncology–Waco on 1700 W. State Highway 6 in Waco, Texas. For more information, visit TexasOncology.com.

This article appeared in the Wacoan magazine February 2021 issue.

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