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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Dennis Jeter: His "Personal Best" in Cancer Survival

    Lifelong athlete Dennis Jeter brought his competitive spirit to fighting cancer. Now, he’s striving for his “personal best” life after treatment.

    "I had so many people at my church praying for me and encouraging me. They kept my spirits high, and I was determined to get through treatment and get back to doing what I love – working with my children, playing softball with my team, and doing what I can to give back."

    Dennis Jeter
  • Prioritizing What Helps Her Thrive: Danielle Dennis

    When Danielle started ovarian cancer treatment, she worked with her care team to make sure she could keep doing what she loved: cheering at her daughter’s soccer games.

    "When you get into treatment, you have a choice — you can dwell on where you are, or you can focus on the things you have to look forward to."

    Danielle Dennis
    Ovarian Cancer
  • Sandra Fivecoat Dances

    After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, Sandra Fivecoat found fun, friendship, and healing in tap dance classes.

    "Tap dancing gave me friends who weren’t survivors. It requires intense concentration and helped me retrain my brain, restore my balance, and strengthen my core after chemotherapy and the hysterectomy."

    Sandra Fivecoat
    Uterine Cancer
  • Yvonne Dubra: Spreading Flowers and Faith After Cancer

    Yvonne’s faith is a big factor in her attitude. She delivers unsold flowers from a local grocer to cancer treatment centers, inspired by a store manager’s gift to her during radiation.

    "As a survivor, I want others to see me and know that they can thrive and not just survive. I hope that as I bring flowers to the various clinics, the flowers continue to bring hope and joy to the patients. Bringing hope and brightening up the patients’ days is a blessing to me."

    Yvonne Dubra
    Breast Cancer