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Texas Oncology to Observe National Healthcare Decision Day

Texas Oncology to Observe National Healthcare Decision Day 

DALLAS, Texas — Texas Oncology announced today it will participate in National Healthcare Decision Day in an effort to help patients, healthcare professionals, and the public learn more about the importance of advance care planning. The event is part of Texas Oncology’s long-term commitment to provide patients with comprehensive, quality care by helping patients and their families explore, define, and document their healthcare preferences through advance care planning.

National Healthcare Decision Day occurs every April 16. Founded in 2008 as a special event for national, state, community, and business organizations to focus on the importance of advance care planning, the day helps to encourage discussion among patients, their loved ones, and their healthcare teams. Thousands of organizations and millions of people nationwide participate in the event, which is gaining widespread recognition. Exploring and documenting healthcare preferences early in life helps to ensure the patient’s care wishes are honored in the future.

“Educating, encouraging, and assisting patients to make their healthcare preferences known is an important part of providing quality, comprehensive care,” said Dr. Russell Hoverman, medical oncologist and vice president of quality programs for Texas Oncology. “We already have a strong commitment to advance care planning, and participating in National Healthcare Decision Day gives us one more opportunity to emphasize the importance for patients to make their care wishes known,” he continued.

“Our specially trained counselors guide patients and their loved ones through these critical discussions and assist the patient in completing the necessary documentation. This typically brings peace of mind to the patient as well as the family, who often face making difficult decisions on the patient’s behalf when their wishes are not known,” Hoverman noted. 

Patients fighting cancer are encouraged to visit their local Texas Oncology practice on April 16 to learn more about the advance care planning process. Specially trained staff will be available to address patients’ questions and concerns, to provide resource material to help them discuss and define their healthcare values and goals, and to assist in filling out the necessary forms for documenting their future healthcare wishes.

“Studies show most Americans have not executed advance care planning documents,” said Dr. Hoverman. “Thanks to National Healthcare Decision Day, more people are becoming aware of the importance of talking to loved ones and documenting their care preferences. We are proud to participate in this worthwhile event that can help assure our patients have a voice in their own healthcare and that their treatment wishes will be honored,” he concluded.

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