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Fighting Preventable Cancers: Resolve to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Publication: Abilene Scene, Abilene

Researchers say a third of cancer deaths could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. As the holidays transition to the new year, Texas Oncology offers suggestions for a prevention-focused lifestyle:

Eat Right
Maintaining a healthy weight and diet may bolster your defenses against cancer and other illnesses. Winter wardrobes hide holiday pounds, but its important to reduce calories, limit intake of sugars, saturated fats, and alcohol, and eat nutritious foods.

Get Screenings
Resolve to get any regular health screenings. Screenings can detect cancers at their earliest, most treatable stages.

Stay Active
Be physically active - even in winter. Up to 40 percent of several major cancers may be attributed to obesity and lack of physical activity.

Save Your Skin
There's no off season for sun protection. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, but is preventable by using sunscreen and covering up.

Quit Smoking
Some New Year's resolutions are worth repeating - like quitting smoking. Up to 87 percent of lung cancer deaths and 30 percent of all cancer deaths are attributed to smoking.

Texas Oncology urges you to adopt these simple, effective suggestions for making a fresh start toward living a healthier lifestyle.

For more cancer prevention information, visit us at www.TexasOncology.com

This story originally appeared in Abilene Scene.

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