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World Cancer Day is Monday, February 4th

Publication: PermianBasin360.com (Website of KMID-TV), Midland

By: Matthew Farrell

ODESSA -- Doctor Pankaj Khandelwal, with the West Texas Cancer Center has had a personal view of what cancer can do to people.

"Definitely friends, and some family. Some did better than others," Dr. Khandelwal said.

Khandelwal is an Oncologist at the West Texas Cancer Center in Odessa, a member of the Texas Oncology Group.

They're reminding people that Monday is World Cancer Day to keep people vigilant against the deadly disease.

"[It will help them] Realize that it's a serious problem. It can afflict anybody, I think in this day and age. I cannot think of any family that is not somehow affected by this disease," Dr. Khandelwal said.

It's also a way to keep people informed on how to minimize their cancer risk.

There are things everyone can do:

Avoid tobacco, minimize alcohol intake and eat healthy.

Here in West Texas, Dr. Khandelwal says he sees a prominence of lung cancers, breast cancers and colon cancers.

Those last two are highly detectable.

"There are screening guidelines that are available that people can use to their advantage to detect cancer early," Dr. Khandelwal continued.

World Cancer Day is one of the reminders to help people learn about the progress of treatments that can help you defeat cancer.

The American Cancer Society expects over 1.6 million new cases to be discovered this year, with over 100 thousand of those cases expected in Texas.

With odds like that, you definitely want to stay vigilant against the disease.

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