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Terri Pustilnik, M.D.: Preventing Cervical Cancer

Advance Planning Minimized Storm Impact for Oncology Practices

Publication: OncLive

Targeting Tumors: Radiation Delivers Precise Treatments

Publication: Bay Area Health & Wellness Magazine

Colonoscopy: It’s Worth It!

Publication: IndoAmerican News, Houston 

Texas Oncology Marks National Cervical Health Awareness Month

Publication: Bay Area Health & Wellness Magazine, Houston

Cancer Cure & Prevention Series: Four Things about Smoking and Lung Cancer

Publication: Indo American News, Houston

Lung, Prostate, Colon Cancers Decline Nationally but Rise in Texas

Publication: Magnolia Potpourri , Magnolia

Lung, Prostate, Colon Cancer Decline Nationally, Rise in Texas

Publication: Bay Area Citizen, Bay Area