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Genetic Testing in San Antonio

Genetic testing is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of developing and improving your chance of surviving cancer. Our San Antonio genetic counselors offer in-depth assessments which provide early detection, reduce cancer risk, and save lives.

Genetic testing can help determine if you have an increased risk for certain types of cancer, including breast, ovarian, colorectal and other cancers. While you cannot inherit cancer, you may have a higher risk of developing cancer if you have a strong personal or family history of cancer.

Genetic counselors at our San Antonio cancer treatment centers can analyze your risk for hereditary cancers and help determine if genetic testing is right for you. They are also able to evaluate your results, make treatment recommendations, and assist with follow-up care when necessary. Call a San Antonio-area location or request an appointment today to learn how we can help you fight cancer close to home.