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Paris In The News

We are pleased to keep you informed on the latest news related to our practice in Paris.

Health Commentary: Are We Close to a Vaccine for COVID-19?

Publication: The Paris News

Texas Oncology Supports Cautious Reopening of Health Care and the Economy

Publication: eParis News, The Paris News

Guest Commentary: Clinical Trials an Option for Coronavirus

Publication: The Paris News

Commentary: Please Stay Home: A Plea!

Publication: The Paris News

Texas Oncology Paris Dedicated to Fight COVID-19

Publication: eParis News

In Control: Empowering Messages on International Women’s Day

Messages of Hope on World Cancer Day

Turner Industries Employees Donate to Texas Oncology Foundation

Publication: The Paris News

Dr. Chris Prakash Joins National Rural Cancer Care Task Force

Prakash Joins Rural Cancer Care Task Force

Publication: The Paris News