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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Mallory Cox: Different Roles, One Common Goal

    Ovarian cancer patient Mallory Cox learned to utilize the compassion and expertise of her entire care team at Texas Oncology–Longview Cancer Center to fight her aggressive disease with greater ease.

    “At all times, I had a team of people helping me to understand.”

    Mallory Cox
    Ovarian Cancer
  • Suzie Oden: Overcoming a Family History of Cancer

    Suzie Oden’s unexpected emergency room visit prompted discussion about her long family history of cancer, Dr. Thomas Gregory recommended genetic testing – a moment that shaped Suzie’s own cancer journey.

    "Many people think cancer is a death sentence, but I never thought it was."

    Suzie Oden
    Breast Cancer
  • Big Cancer Research Program, Small Community Setting

    Texas Oncology–Tyler patient Dwayne Collins details his experience in a clinical trial to treat multiple myeloma. 

    "Even though this was my first experience in a clinical trial, I was never anxious about the treatment involving mainline chemotherapy in combination with a new monoclonal antibody for multiple myeloma. I had faith in Dr. Yimer, and I had faith because the drug had been successful in other trials. I truly felt it was the best option and was willing to try anything,” said Dwayne Collins."

    Dwayne Collins
    Multiple Myeloma
  • Charlet Tidwell: Training for Her Next Race During Chemotherapy

    A teacher, student, mom, and avid runner, Charlet Tidwell wasn’t about to let her treatment slow her down. With her son’s help, she ran her way to her biggest victory yet – over breast cancer.

    "I have cancer, but we’re going to get through it and just keep a positive attitude."

    Charlet Tidwell
    Breast Cancer
  • Choosing to Thrive with Cancer: Robin's Story

    Robin Gutierrez may never become “cancer free,” but she’s still working each day to get back to what she loves: giving back to kids by teaching elementary school.

    "It's difficult to be sick, but I’m here today. I’m alive. And I can still do good things for people– even if it’s just a smile."

    Robin Gutierrez
    Breast Cancer