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IDEOlogy Health and Texas Oncology announce collaboration to advance medical education in oncology

Austin, Texas, May 10, 2021 – IDEOlogy Health and Texas Oncology announced today that the two companies have entered a formal agreement to collaborate on expanding and enhancing medical education for Texas Oncology physicians.

Texas Oncology has more than 500 physicians providing care at 210 locations across Texas and southeastern Oklahoma. This agreement provides instant access to the suite of IDEOlogy Health’s live and online events, seminars and training sessions that are offered through their three flagship channels- IDEO Oncology, IDEO Hematology, and IDEO Sound Bites.

IDEOlogy Health has built a reputation for being a “go-to” resource for physicians who want credible, unbiased, up-to-date information on the latest advances right at their fingertips. IDEO Oncology and IDEO Hematology will provide up-to-the minute information in cancer care through a series of virtual and live meetings with world-renowned thought leaders

The two companies will also collaborate to create custom medical education for Texas Oncology and their physicians leading to a more efficient exchange of ideas, data, and the latest treatment updates across the oncology landscape

Said IDEOlogy CEO Mike Gramling: “The physicians who founded Texas Oncology in 1986 were a forward-looking group of doctors who were determined to make high-quality, high-touch, evidence-based, community-focused cancer treatment a reality. This agreement and our collaboration will support that continuing mission by providing access to cancer research and best-practices, informing physicians quickly so they can offer the evidence-based options in cancer innovations that safely impact and measurably improve patient outcomes.”

Through its digital Sound Bites platform, IDEOlogy Health provides authentic and credible information with timely, trustworthy, clinical data from the most world-renowned experts, enabling physicians to get the most up-to-date information right at their fingertips.

“This new relationship will further enhance the skills and expertise of our highly-trained physicians who provide healthcare across a large geographic footprint,” said R. Steven Paulson, M.D., president, and chairman of Texas Oncology. “Quality patient care always comes first at Texas Oncology and this new collaboration elevates that commitment even higher.”

About IDEOlogy Health

IDEOlogy Health is disrupting the status quo in how medical education is delivered and received by putting up-to-the-minute scientific treatment advances right at their physicians’ fingertips. The company leverages decades of healthcare expertise and emerging technology to provide data, analysis, and educational opportunities from experts across the globe in the diseases of Oncology, Hematology, and Cardiology. www.ideologyhealth.com.

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About Texas Oncology

Texas Oncology is an independent private practice with more than 500 physicians and 210 locations across the state. Meeting the oncology needs of Texans for more than 35 years, the practice includes Texas Center for Proton Therapy, Texas Breast Specialists, Texas Oncology Surgical Specialists, Texas Urology Specialists, and Texas Center for Interventional Surgery. As a lead participant in US Oncology Research, Texas Oncology played a role in the development of more than 100 FDA-approved therapies. For more information, visit www.TexasOncology.com

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