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US Oncology Research Network

Through Texas Oncology, patients can take part in exciting new clinical trials and novel therapies – right in their own communities. Texas Oncology is a primary participant in US Oncology Research, a nationwide effort consisting of 280 research locations with an experienced staff of more than 530 dedicated research professionals.

Through this highly efficient organization, new drugs and therapies are sped from the research lab into the real world, reaching patients as quickly as possible. More than 100 anticancer drugs have received FDA approval, largely due to the work of US Oncology Research.

As the largest practice that contributes to this vast research community, Texas Oncology has played a key role in the accrual of more than 16,000 cancer patients participating in clinical trials. More than 90 trials are currently being conducted involving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplantation, and gene therapy.

Access to this extensive network of research and clinical trials gives cancer patients across Texas the added advantage of leading-edge expertise and treatments that may save their lives.