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Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers

Mary Crowley Cancer Research is an early phase clinical research center performing a vital role in the cancer research field. Established in 1992 to expand patient treatment options through the study of the molecular mechanisms of cancer, Mary Crowley offers advanced cancer patients access to clinical trials containing the latest investigational gene-targeted and immune therapies.

The platform of the research program is personalized for each patient through genomic analysis; the investigational therapy within available clinical trials is uniquely aligned to target the cancer patient’s molecular blueprint. Mary Crowley has conducted over 450 clinical trials in compliance with the FDA and preformed early testing on 9 of 40 FDA-approved targeted therapies now globally available to all cancer patients.

Skilled personnel administer Phase I and II clinical trial protocols to test the new technologies, and study tumor response, activity, and safety in each patient. Results are disseminated to the broader cancer research field through peer-reviewed publications, with more than 350 published to date in leading scientific journals.

Mary Crowley has enrolled more than 5,300 patients in research trials. Patients receive the therapies in a full service facility containing an integrated research pharmacy, isolation rooms, procedure room, and infusion/therapeutic center dedicated to patient comfort and well-being. The center operates in compliance with NIH Bio Safety level II criteria, and is located on the campus of Medical City Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Eligible patients are offered the opportunity to participate in the clinical trials, containing but not limited to the following agents:

  • Targeted Therapies (small molecules): drugs that interfere with the molecules necessary for cancer cell growth and progression
  • Immunotherapies (vaccines): drugs that use the immune system as a mechanism to identify and destroy cancer cells
  • Bacterial or Viral Therapies: a virus or bacterium engineered to infect and destroy cancer cells, while initiating anti-tumor response

Mary Crowley Cancer Research advances science and hope of cancer patients worldwide. The organization is a 501c3 non profit that relies on philanthropy.