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Stress Management

Stress is a part of everyone’s life. While you’re being treated for cancer, it is essential to manage your stress. Try these tips:

  • Try to keep changes to your daily routine to a minimum to help control the stress of treatment.
  • Avoid overscheduling.
  • Friends and family will likely offer to help. Don’t be afraid to accept their offers.
  • Allow yourself to say “no.”
  • Prioritize your tasks, and eliminate things that are not a top priority.
  • Continue to be physically active. Moderate exercise several times a week lowers stress levels and improves health.
  • Engage friends and family around you. You don’t have to fight cancer alone.
  • Support groups are a good choice for some patients.
  • Use creative outlets such as music, painting, or writing.
  • Relax with yoga and meditation.