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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Delila Cramer

    Delila Cramer: Three-Time Cancer Survivor Serves Her Community While Fighting Multiple Myeloma

    Three-time cancer survivor, Dee Cramer, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2022 and underwent chemotherapy with Ines Sanchez-Rivera, M.D., at Texas Oncology–El Paso Grandview. An experienced teacher who is passionate about education and volunteering, Dee is a testament to the power of a strong support system and how the community she diligently served for years rallied around her.

    “Shortly after my diagnoses, my physician took my hands and said, ‘Put your boxing gloves on and fight this with everything you have’", said Delila Cramer.

    Delila Cramer
    Multiple Myeloma
  • Nell Nations

    Nell Nations: Using Art to Bring Hope to the Cancer Community

    Nell Nations, a local artist, has served as the chief radiation therapist at Texas Oncology for over 17 years. However, two years ago, she became a patient herself within the very walls where she worked. Today, a colon cancer survivor, Nell uses her artistic talents to bring hope to cancer patients in the Wichita Falls community.

    “It is my hope that my artwork will bring joy and hope to future cancer patients, caregivers, and the Wichita Falls community.”

    Nell Nations
    Colon Cancer
  • Brooke Bott

    Brooke Bott: Keeping Her Joy as She Battled Leukemia

    Brooke Bott received the news of her diagnosis while attending her cousin’s birthday party. A fight with acute lymphocytic leukemia “ALL” behind her, she’s going to be a part of this cousin’s wedding – because she keeps going.

    “Even though I was going through something really difficult, I still smiled my way through it.”

    Brooke Bott
    Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Child ALL)
  • Tana Davis

    Tana Davis: Fighting Cancer from the Inside Out with CAR-T Therapy

    Eight years after her initial non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis, Tana Davis’s cancer returned but did not respond to treatment until her doctors recommended CAR-T therapy. Now cancer free, Tana hopes her experience can inspire others.

    “You can have apprehension about things in life, but you can’t live on that. So, you have to move forward, be happy, and hope that everything goes well.”

    Tana Davis
    Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Jackie Bush

    Jackie Bush: Fighting the Disease, Not the Diagnosis

    Jackie Bush found mental strength while enduring her 16-year fight against breast cancer. Her mindset, and personal mantra, “fight the disease, not the diagnosis,” has helped her cope with challenges of living with cancer long term.

    “I think my biggest suggestion to a lot of people has been to fight the disease with everything you've got in you, but don't fight the diagnosis."

    Jackie Bush
    Breast Cancer