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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Leroy Carrion

    Leroy Carrion: A Detective's Battle Against Cancer and Crime, Inspiring Courage and Resilience

    Leroy Carrion, a seasoned detective with the San Antonio Police Department, dedicated his life to solving crimes and bringing justice to his beloved community. In June 2021, he encountered a daunting and different kind of challenge when he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. This unexpected diagnosis, for the robustly healthy 53-year-old, would test Leroy physically and emotionally. But like cracking a criminal case, he applied determination and mental fortitude to see his way through his cancer journey.

    “Things happen in life that is God’s way of sending you to the left or the right. So whichever way you are lead, you fight. You fight like hell,” Detective Carrion said.

    Leroy Carrion
    Colon Cancer
  • Jay Jaszkowski

    Jay Jaszkowski: Combining Surgery and a Sense of Humor To Fight Cancer

    Jay Jaszkowski is convinced his sense of humor and outgoing personality helped him get through a diagnosis of paranasal sinus cancer, a rare cancer that affects the nasal cavity and the sinuses. The tumor in Jay's nasal cavity was so large his entire nose had to be removed. He felt disfigured and isolated, but after receiving a prosthesis, his life was transformed. Cancer-free for more than a year, Jay has not lost his sense of humor and is an inspiration for others with missing body parts and deformed limbs.

    “I just couldn’t believe I had cancer. I know everybody says that, but I could not believe it.”

    Jay Jaszkowski
    Nasal Cancer
  • Sharon  Sander

    Hodgkin Lymphoma Patient Can Attest to the Power of a Healthy Lifestyle

    Hodgkin lymphoma patient Sharon Sander can attest to the power of a healthy lifestyle as a triathlon athlete and coach. After her diagnosis, she began chemotherapy treatment and continued a training program that included swimming, running, and yoga.

    According to Dr. Lyons, “Sharon’s athletic endeavors and mental strength made her better able to tolerate the medication and their side effects.”

    Sharon Sander
    Hodgkin Lymphoma