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Texas Oncology-Longview Cancer Center
1300 North 4th St., Longview, TX 75601
T: 903-757-2122
After HoursT: 903-757-2122
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Radiation Therapy at Longview Cancer Center

The majority of our care is provided in an outpatient setting using customized therapies ranging from chemotherapy and radiation therapy to advanced technologies like immunotherapy, proton therapy, genetic testing, and genomic sequencing. Advanced treatments and best practices that come from a robust program of clinical trials and leading-edge research create the high caliber of care you’ll find at Texas Oncology.

Texas Oncology-Longview Cancer Center also offers prostate seed implants as another treatment option locally for prostate cancer patients in the Longview area. Prostate seed implants are a form of low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy treatment using small radioactive “seeds” which are inserted close to the tumor and give off their radiation in low doses over time to kill the cancer cells and then become inert. Dr. Bernard W. (Bill) Taylor at Texas Oncology-Longview Cancer Center is deeply experienced in prostate seed implants.

Radiation Modalities 

Longview Cancer Center offers a robust array of radiation modalities.

Simulation and Treatment Planning

External Radiation Therapy

IGRT Technology

  • > Calypso (implanted radiofrequency markers)
  • > Cone beam CT (CBCT) using a kilovoltage beam
  • > Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID)
  • > Exac Trac
  • > Ultrasound
  • > Vision RT (laser surface matching)

Specialty Delivery