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Stories of Inspiration

Stories of the fighters, believers, and survivors who've inspired us with their determination and hopeful spirit.

  • Alicia Mooty

    Alicia Mooty: A Journey of Resilience and Hope

    At 49, Alicia Mooty faced colon cancer in 2019. After successful treatment, she was hit with endometrial cancer in 2021. Multiple surgeries and complications followed, but Alicia's positive attitude and the support of her medical team helped her through. Genetic testing revealed Lynch Syndrome, prompting her sister to undergo preventive measures. Alicia is grateful for her family's support and the dedicated team at Texas Oncology. She continues to face her challenges head-on, determined to live life to the fullest.

    “As anxious as I was feeling for yet another diagnosis, I could just see the light at the end of this long tunnel,” Alicia said. “I knew I would make it there.”

    Alicia Mooty
    Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer
  • Lashelle Scott

    Lashelle Scott: Advocating for Your Health

    When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lashelle Scott went from advocating for others to advocating for herself. Read more about her journey from diagnosis through treatment.

    “When I’m tired and want to quit treatment, my care team calls me every day – sometimes twice a day – they won’t let me give up. They advocate for me, and they make me feel important.”

    Lashelle Scott
    Breast Cancer
  • Maria Herrera

    Maria Herrera: Confidence in Her Care During COVID-19

    Maria Herrera’s cancer journey hit an unexpected obstacle when COVID-19 temporarily halted her scheduled surgery. Maria’s trust in her care team and confidence in her treatment outcome helped her continue to fight despite facing uncertainty.

    “I always felt safe. Drs. Terry, Sri, and my entire team, worked together so well and made sure I was comfortable. You get peace of mind it’s going to be okay.”

    Maria Herrera
    Breast Cancer
  • Samantha Villalobos

    Samantha Villalobos: Why I Refused to Let COVID-19 Define My Cancer Journey

    Fighting cancer during COVID-19 challenged ovarian cancer survivor Samantha Villalobos to lean on the support of her family, friends, and her physician and care team at Texas Oncology. Here she shares her cancer journey with hopes of inspiring others.

    “Dr. Ward made me a promise that we’d fight my cancer together, and she kept it."

    Samantha Villalobos
    Ovarian Cancer
  • Rita Stuart

    Rita Stuart: Building a Team to Tackle Cancer Together

    Rita Stuart found comfort, trust, and transparency through her care team at Texas Oncology–Sugar Land. Because of the relationships she built, she was better equipped to tackle treatment and recovery.

    “Dr. Sethi answered all of my toughest questions, patiently explained every piece of my treatment, and made me feel empowered and in control. Absolutely that helped in my recovery.”

    Rita Stuart
    Colon Cancer
  • Nancy Littlejohn

    Nancy Littlejohn: From Vice President to Patient

    For Nancy Littlejohn, a trip to the emergency room with what she thought were symptoms of a heart attack ended up launching a cancer journey that would take her life and career down a path she never expected. Fast forward nine months and Nancy is closing in on her final chemotherapy treatment with Dr. Muffaddal Morkas and her care team at Texas Oncology–Houston Memorial City.

    "Once I understood the extent of my diagnosis, I knew an in-depth conversation with my employers was necessary. Fortunately, they were prepared for it, which was incredibly helpful as I tried to figure out next steps for all aspects of my life, including work."

    Nancy Littlejohn