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Depression and Anxiety

It is completely natural to feel depressed, anxious, angry, or confused when you are being treated for cancer. Emotions run high when you have a serious disease that needs serious treatment. If you feel depressed, you may not be motivated to keep your medical appointments, continue your treatment, or generally take good care of yourself. Your ability to stay the course when it comes to your cancer treatment matters. That’s why it’s important to know:

You can do something about depression and anxiety.


Anxiety can be caused by the need to sort through difficult and sometimes confusing choices about your treatment. A breast cancer patient, for example, may be asked to choose between removing a breast or removing a lump and then having chemotherapy or radiation. Another patient may be offered the option of a clinical trial. You may also be worried about how effective your treatment will be and what side effects it may cause.

Remember, your care team is there to answer your questions and help you decide. Here is what you can do to help yourself get beyond these feelings of depression and anxiety:

  • Discuss your feelings and concerns with your care team. Do not keep your feelings to yourself.
  • Consider professional counseling to help deal with what you are feeling and experiencing.
  • Join a support group to share what you feel with others who are going through the same experience.
  • Look to your family and friends for support.
  • Try relaxation techniques.
  • Do not be afraid to take medication if it is prescribed for you.

Remember, when you experience side effects, it is important to contact Texas Oncology first before going to an emergency room or urgent care clinic.