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Yvonne Dubra: Spreading Flowers and Faith After Cancer

Yvonne Dubra

"As a survivor, I want others to see me and know that they can thrive and not just survive. I hope that as I bring flowers to the various clinics, the flowers continue to bring hope and joy to the patients. Bringing hope and brightening up the patients’ days is a blessing to me."

Yvonne Dubra
Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor Yvonne Dubra looks forward to Fridays for a special reason. It’s a busy day, but it’s the day that she is reminded of the blessings from God. And it’s the day she gets to be a blessing to cancer patients who are experiencing what she went through not too long ago.

Every Friday, Yvonne delivers unsold flowers from a local grocer to cancer treatment centers in Houston. She loves to encourage others, and when they are empowered by seeing her experience, it inspires her.

Faith has always been Yvonne’s inspiration through her journey, although ironically, her breast cancer diagnosis came on Christmas Eve.

“I’m a woman of faith. I was promised to be healed by the Word of God. And my faith made me whole,” said Yvonne. She was grounded on faith despite physical changes caused by surgeries and chemotherapy.

In addition to faith, Yvonne armed herself with knowledge on how to fight her illness, thanks to the help of Dr. Jamie Terry of Texas Breast Specialists–Houston Medical Center, and Dr. Susan Escudier of Texas Oncology–Houston Medical Center.

Unlike the inspiration for her faith, the inspiration for her flower delivery came from an unexpected place. One day, she stopped by a local grocery store. She struck up a conversation with the store manager, who offered her unsold flowers to bring to other cancer patients. She handed them out to patients and caregivers, as well as doctors and nurses. She continued to hand out unsold flowers every day for six weeks during her radiation treatments.

Now, Yvonne delivers flowers to many clinics every Friday. “Since my treatment is over, I actually get to spend some time with the patients. I want others to see me and know that they can be where I am now, too. Bringing hope and brightening their days is a blessing to me,” she said.

Yvonne’s goal is to continue to inspire more patients by establishing a nonprofit, which she plans to call Faith & Flowers. She wants to continue to share her blessings: “My life is hopefulness. I take every day as it comes, and keep moving at life.”

The information included in this testimonial is based on one patient’s unique experience and is not intended to represent all patient outcomes or expectations.