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A Musician’s Guide to Healing and Hope

Jeannie Ramirez

"Music keeps you young, calm and happy. I’m here to touch people through my music."

Jeannie Ramirez
Breast Cancer

Austin musician Jeannie Ramirez has always had a strong connection to music. Ever since her mom passed away prematurely from breast cancer, she channeled music as part of her healing process.

Breast cancer runs in Jeannie’s family. When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease in April 2017, she underwent chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

Throughout her journey, her passion for music has never faded. After her diagnosis, Jeannie continued writing and performing music as her way to touch others with her story.

Jeannie says her cancer has taught her to really appreciate life and to think of her purpose. While she’s experienced ups and downs on her cancer journey, Jeannie feels incredibly fortunate to be alive and believes her ability to perform is a god send.

“Music keeps you young, calm and happy. I’m here to touch people through my music,” says Jeannie.

However, it isn’t always easy being a local musician with an illness – especially when it comes to financial resources. That’s why Jeannie is very grateful for the support she’s received from her family, friends and Texas Oncology team.

A proud vegetarian and animal activist, Jeannie is a performer at the 2018 Texas VegFest, an event focused on promoting a plant-based diet, sharing her music with a supportive and like-minded crowd. 

Ultimately, Jeannie doesn’t want to be defined by her cancer, but she won’t stay silent either when it comes to improving cancer treatment. She’s hopeful that medical advances in the future will lead to effective treatments that are less invasive.

Rock on, Jeannie!

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