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Survive and Thrive Symposium Inspires Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers.

A cancer diagnosis brings questions, a range of emotions, and a new world in which to operate. Understanding how to rise above these challenges and thrive is essential to fight cancer. That’s why the Texas Oncology Foundation is putting patients first through Survive and Thrive Symposiums and Webinars.

The Survive and Thrive Symposium brings together cancer patients, caregivers, and topical experts at a relaxed, one-day event. Lectures and workshops provide education on post-cancer treatment, nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. Moreover, the event is an inspiring time of bonding for those sharing challenging circumstances. The inaugural symposium in Arlington in October 2016 attracted more than 100 attendees.

To register, visit TexasOncologyFoundation.org.

More than 300 survivors, caregivers and volunteers attended the 2018 Austin Survive and Thrive Symposium on Saturday, March 3. Stephanie Howard with Triumphant Warrior shared her personal journey of perseverance and local and national experts presented on topics including late and long-term effects of cancer, the fear of recurrence, complementary medicine, and intimacy and cancer.

Can’t Attend a Symposium? Join our Survive and Thrive Webinar.

The Survive and Thrive Webinar series focuses on survivorship skills and wellness issues for cancer survivors, loved ones, and caregivers. The series provides the latest information on cancer survivorship including nutrition tips, sexuality and cancer, side effects of cancer treatment, and more.

For more information visit www.TexasOncologyFoundation.org.