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Patients Improve Mind and Body with Chair Yoga at Texas Oncology–Sugar Land

For cancer patients, relieving stress and improving mobility are key, but not always easy to attain. Texas Oncology–Sugar Land is helping patients do just that through chair yoga, grounding mind and body through stretches, breathing exercises, and toning moves, all while seated or standing with support.

The class is taught by breast cancer survivor and Texas Oncology patient Roxie Gonzalez, who began practicing yoga more than 15 years ago and personally credits yoga for relaxation, deeper breathing, and increased flexibility.

Benefits of Chair Yoga for Cancer Patients

Perfect for all skill levels, chair yoga promotes deeper breathing and improves flexibility, balance, and strength. In addition to providing deeper, more quality sleep, participants often see improvements in their blood pressure and heart rate.

Gonzalez says, “The postures used in regular yoga can be modified to be done in a chair, but still result in many of the same benefits, without having to worry about balance or getting on the floor and not being able to get back up.”

“It’s still a really good workout,” Gonzalez added. “Many patients are surprised by the challenging nature of the class, despite being seated. Someone once said, ‘I thought this was supposed to be easy, but it isn’t!’”

According to Gonzalez, the most important part of yoga is the breath – introducing fresh oxygen into the cells and getting rid of toxins. Those who are tired can still benefit from the class by sitting in their chair and focusing on their breathing and joining when they’re able.

“Many patients have said it helps put their mind and body at ease before treatment” says Gonzalez. “The class also builds camaraderie between patients experiencing similar challenges.”

Patients Share Their Experiences

When asked how the class has benefited them, patients were very complimentary:

  • “I’ve discovered muscles I forgot I had.”
  • “I slept so well after the class.”
  • “Coming before treatment helps me stay really relaxed during treatment.”
  • “I knew I needed to start moving again. This felt like a good way to get back into an active lifestyle.”
  • “I used to be an athlete, but I struggle to work out. This is a great way to ease myself back in.”

Interested in Participating? Sign up!

The class is available to all Sugar Land patients, family members, and caregivers at no charge. Interested patients can contact the nurse supervisor at 281-277-5200 to reserve a space in the weekly class, held Wednesdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at Texas Oncology–Sugar Land.