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Fort Worth Cancer Resources

Texas Oncology provides comprehensive cancer treatment and compassionate cancer care to patients in the Fort Worth area. Using leading-edge technologies and innovative treatments for all types of cancer, including those below, our physicians are focused on one thing: helping our patients fight cancer and blood disorders.

Breast Cancer Treatment in Fort Worth

Texas Oncology physicians in the Fort Worth area have deep experience in treating many types of breast cancer for females and males. Texas Oncology offers chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, proton therapy, targeted therapy, bone-directed therapy, and hormone therapy. Individually tailored combinations of these therapies and others are used to treat breast cancer for our Fort Worth-area patients. Learn more about breast cancer.

Colon Cancer Treatment in Fort Worth

Texas Oncology in the Fort Worth area provides advanced treatments for colon cancer. Colon cancer typically lacks symptoms in the early stages, which makes cancer screening essential. Colon cancer patients can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, proton therapy, and targeted therapies. Learn more about colon cancer.

Lung Cancer Treatment in Forth Worth

Lung cancer, one of the most prevalent cancers in the United States, can be treated with leading-edge technology and techniques in the Fort Worth area. Lung cancer treatment options with Texas Oncology include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, proton therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies. Lung cancer patients in the Fort Worth area, depending on the stage, may be treated by a team of specialists, including pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. Learn more about lung cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Fort Worth

Texas Oncology in the Fort Worth area offers leading-edge techniques for treating prostate cancer, the most common cancer among men. Prostate cancer treatment options vary depending on how advanced the cancer is and if it has spread to other parts of the body. Treatments can include surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy, proton therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, vaccine treatment, bone-directed treatment, and cryotherapy. Learn more about prostate cancer.

Interventional Radiology

Texas Interventional Radiology Center provides patients in the Fort Worth area with comprehensive interventional radiology services and procedures that are minimally invasive and image-guided. The interventional radiology team works closely with your cancer doctor to provide quality, coordinated care. Learn more about interventional radiology.

Proton Therapy

Texas Center for Proton Therapy provides patients in the Fort Worth area with an advanced type of radiation therapy aimed at destroying cancerous cells using protons. The treatment offers pinpoint precision that delivers high-energy proton beams directly to tumors, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Small proton beams, measuring only millimeters wide, are rapidly scanned across the tumor to precisely match the shape of the tumor. It allows treatment to conform to complex shaped or even moving tumors, and reduces excess radiation to healthy tissues. It is especially effective in treating cancers in sensitive areas and for children whose bodies are still growing. Learn more about proton therapy.