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Innovative Clinical Trial Center
3410 Worth St., Suite 730
Dallas, TX 75246
T: 214-370-1916
After HoursT: 217-370-1000
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Innovative Clinical Trial Center

At Texas Oncology, we understand you shouldn’t have to choose between staying close to the critical support of your family and friends and receiving expert care. Our comprehensive cancer center is designed to help in your fight against cancer with leading-edge cancer therapies and access to groundbreaking clinical trials.

The Innovative Clinical Trial Center was founded in 2006 with the future of cancer treatment in mind. We believe the future of cancer care is personalized. Our physicians specialize in the research and development of novel therapies with an emphasis on cellular and immunotherapies – which use antibodies and modified immune cells to trigger the immune system’s ability to fight cancer, including directly targeting a tumor’s genetic mutations.

These exciting, groundbreaking diagnostic and treatment trials put our physicians on the forefront of personalized cancer care. To date, Texas Oncology has helped develop more than 100 FDA-approved cancer-fighting drugs through its research and clinical trials program.

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3410 Worth St., Suite 730
Dallas, TX 75246
T: 214-370-1100
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