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The Anticoagulation Procedure

The most appropriate anticoagulation dosing therapy is determined after a clinician determines the patient’s risk of excessive bleeding versus developing blood clots. On the first office visit, each patient receives a physical examination, medical history review, and extensive education about anticoagulation therapy and medications.

Follow-up visits are necessary to monitor your condition to ensure optimum dosing throughout the time you receive anticoagulation medications.

Anticoagulation therapy can be managed for patients that might require dental work or surgery while receiving blood-thinning medications. Patients can be seen in our clinic, or our hematologist is available for consultations with physicians for hospitalized patients.

Anticoagulation therapy includes the following:

  • Individualized care for each patient
  • Comprehensive education
  • Written dosing instructions
  • Same-day anticoagulation management
  • Ongoing communication with your referring physician
  • Coordinated follow-up care

Our lab, which is strictly controlled for quality and accuracy, processes blood samples in less than 10 minutes. Once our clinicians receive your lab results, written dosing instructions are provided on a dosing card and reviewed with you.