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Dr. Padma L. Draksharam Joins Texas Oncology—Abilene and Abilene North

August 01, 2022

Padma Lakshmi Draksharam, M.D., hematologist and medical oncologist, is now seeing patients at Texas Oncology–Abilene and Abilene North. Dr. Draksharam shares what excites her about joining Texas Oncology and how her family is a source of inspiration for her.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career so far?

After working in many different environments throughout my career, I have come to realize the importance of having a strong support staff. I am deeply grateful for my fellow colleagues and staff who have helped me to perform at my best. I am so excited to be joining Texas Oncology where I will be surrounded by top notch professionals who share my ideals and goals as well as carry an innate desire to help and care for cancer patients.

What do you think the future of cancer treatment will look like?

I am optimistic for a future where we will have more answers and options to tackle cancer. With newer treatments such as immunotherapy and other targeted therapies, cancer patients are now being treated at the molecular level. I am also hopeful the future of cancer care becomes easily accessible to anyone who may need it.

What moment has touched you most as a medical professional?

One moment that has touched me the most as a physician was when a patient of mine called me during a difficult time in my life and shared that she kept me in her prayers. Her constant humility and willpower inspired both of us throughout her cancer journey and has helped me motivate other patients to have hope even in the most challenging moments.

What would you like your patients to know about you?

I strive to show my patients compassion and patience, and provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to treatment. My goal is to help guide and comfort my patients throughout every step of their cancer experience.

Who inspires you?

I am who I am today because of my family. My parents inspire me by showing me the importance of faith, which has helped me overcome difficult times in my life. My son’s impeccable humor, never-ending optimism, and motivation inspires me in addition to my husband’s resilience and unconditional support.

What is your favorite music genre and why?

No particular genre, but anything with rhythmic beats and percussion such as hip hop or Bollywood music gets me dancing. Music helps me concentrate, especially while I am reading and researching.

What is your hidden talent?

I would say dancing is my hidden talent. During my childhood and adolescent years, I discovered my passion for classical dancing. What started as a hobby soon became a core part of my daily routine, giving me a steady focus and drive for perfection. Even though I am not an avid dancer anymore, it did pave the path for my endurance and determination.

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