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Gustavo E. Guajardo Salinas, M.D.


  • Fellowship in Thoracic Surgery
    The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Cancer, Houston, TX
  • Residency in General Surgery
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
  • Medical Doctorate
  • Tec de Monterrey ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Master of Business Administration (Health Care)
    The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler, TX

Accolades & Memberships

  • American Medical Association
  • J. Bradley Aust Surgical Society
  • Society of Thoracic Surgeons
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Administrative Chief Resident, San Antonio, TX (2010 – 2011)
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Resident Leadership Award, San Antonio, TX (2011)
  • The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Resident Teaching Award, San Antonio, TX (2011)

Thoracic Surgery Services

  • Mediastinum
    • Minimally invasive thymectomy
    • Treatment of mediastinal Tumors
    • Videoassisted mediastinoscopy  
  • Chest Wall
    • Chest wall tumor resections and reconstruction of chest wall
    • Rib platting for treatment of fractures
    • Treatment of lung/intercostal hernias
  • Esophagus
    • Esophagectomy
    • Esophageal diverticulum treatment
    • Thoracoscopic truncal vagotomies
  • Lungs and Pleura
    • Treatment of lung cancer and lung nodules
    • Uniportal thoracoscopic lobectomies and segmentectomies
    • Transthoracic navigation for nodule localization
    • Indwelling drainage catheters
    • Bronchogenic cyst treatment
    • Treatment of recurrent pleural effusions, empyema and recurrent pneumothorax
  • Diaphragm
    • Diaphragmatic plication and treatment of diaphragm paralysis
    • Resection of diaphragmatic tumors
    • Repair of diaphragmatic hernias
    • Treatment of type IV paraesophageal hernias
  • Heart and Pericardium
    • Treatment of pericardial effusions
    • Cardiac tumors (Myxomas, aortic valve tumors)
    • Mediport placement
    • Minimally invasive epicardial pacing lead placement

Surgery Locations

  • Methodist Hospital
  • Methodist Hospital Stone Oak
  • North Central Baptist Hospital
  • ​St Luke’s Baptist Hospital

Medical Practice

  • Section Chief of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Baptist Health System, San Antonio TX (February 2018 – February 2020)
  • Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgical Institute of Texas, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, San Antonio TX (September 2017)
  • Arkansas Heart Hospital, Surgical Director, Stem Cell Research Program, Little Rock, AR (July 2015 – July 2016)
  • Arkansas Heart Hospital, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, Little Rock, AR (January 2014 – June 2017)

Other Information

Dr. Guajardo Salinas’ hobbies include compound bow target shooting, 4WD miniature racing cars, sushi rolling, and freshwater aquariums.