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Plano East Patient Support Services

Treating cancer and blood disorders goes beyond medicine. Texas Oncology in Plano West has a wide range of support services for you and your caregivers. Our services include:

Educational Services

Group classes for patients having chemotherapy and their families are offered twice a week to learn more about chemo treatment and its effects.

Nutritional Services

Nutritional services that cannot be managed by our team are referred to several qualified nutrition specialists that will work with you and your insurance plan.

Support Groups

We participate in support groups that are offered through the American Cancer Society, Medical Center of Plano and other venues, including some onsite groups. One of our most popular programs includes an opportunity to learn to express your cancer journey on canvas. You will see these displayed throughout our center.

Volunteer Programs

Our volunteer program enables you to make a difference in the lives of our patients. To volunteer or get additional information, please call our administrator: Rebecca Goodman at 972-599-5830. Our volunteers offer a variety of support to our patients and our staff.

Where to Eat

There are restaurants available on Coit Road and on 15th Street.

Where to Stay

Hotels are closely located on the George Bush Turnpike.

Other Services