Research & Clinical Trials

As a Texas Oncology patient, you may have the opportunity to receive newly-developed cancer treatments or investigational drugs through participation in clinical trials. Although they are unproven, new treatments and drugs may result in the shrinking of your tumors or the alleviation of your symptoms.

When my doctor told me that I qualified for a trial testing a new combination of chemotherapy drugs, I was eager to participate because I hoped the study would help others.”Donald Turner
Texas Oncology Patient

To receive these experimental cancer treatments, you will likely be required to participate in research studies or clinical trials. These clinical trials are designed to evaluate new cancer prevention and cancer treatment options as part of a deliberate and comprehensive research process that often takes years. Clinical trials test the safety and effectiveness of new or modified treatments in cancer patients using new drugs, unique approaches to surgery and radiation therapy, or various combinations of cancer treatments.

Note: This site is updated frequently; however, some trials may no longer be open to enrollment and others may not yet be published on the Internet. Please contact individual locations for more specific detailed information.

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