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Dr. Beth Hellerstedt: Personalizing Breast Cancer Care During COVID-19

October 19, 2020

Beth Hellerstedt, M.D., medical oncologist at Texas Oncology–Round Rock, is supporting breast cancer patients as they navigate important decisions about their care during COVID-19.

In a discussion with Karyn Couvillion, OPN-CG, CHW, certified patient navigator at the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas, Dr. Hellerstedt advised breast cancer patients to consider their individual risk and treatment goals as they adapt to living with cancer during the pandemic.

According to Dr. Hellerstedt, while cancer treatment can impact immune systems, decisions about altering one’s treatment plan must be made with their treatment goals in mind. During this time, it’s important that care teams closely communicate with and support patients in assessing their risk, ensuring treatment outcomes are not compromised.

“The unfortunate thing about cancer is that it is not sheltering in place, as all of our patients know. When all of this is behind us, we don’t want a greater risk of recurrence for our patients,” she said.

When all of this is behind us, we don’t want a greater risk of recurrence for our patients."

For breast cancer patients currently in remission, Dr. Hellerstedt said telemedicine is a helpful tool for tracking and managing acute patient concerns and ongoing needs at a distance. Watch the full conversation in the video below.

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