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Webinar: The Impact of Grief | Compassionate Understanding, Allowing & Preparation

July 21, 2020

Tani Bahti, RN, CT, CHPH

Tuesday July 21, 2020 11:00am CST

In the webinar attendees will begin to recogize the personal impact of grief, identify possible manifestations of grief (and why it may be so different), and ways in which grief opens us to change. Speaker Tani Bahti will also help dispel myths about grief.

Tani Bahti, RN, CT, CHPH, has spent 44 years as a nurse focusing on improving end-of-life care. Recognizing how fear, misinformation and lack of information can negatively impact decision-making and the dying experience, she wrote and produced the award-winning video “Living Through Dying – The Struggle for Grace,” is the author of Dying to Know – Straight Talk About Death & Dying and the producer of the “Straight Talk Series on End of Life Issues.” A frequent speaker for professional and lay groups, Tani promotes clinical training programs for medical and nursing schools and hospice volunteers. She continues to expand her work through community collaboration and national consultation to seek ways to improve end-of-life education, thereby improving end-of-life care.

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