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Texas Oncology–Keller Welcomes Dr. Scott McCord Back to the DFW Area

August 23, 2019

Texas Oncology recently welcomed medical oncologist Scott McCord, M.D., who is now seeing patients at Texas Oncology–Keller. Dr. McCord explains his background, his return home, and what excites him about new opportunities ahead.

What inspired you to specialize in cancer care?

I found that the fields of hematology and medical oncology provide an opportunity to be part of a fascinating specialty that is constantly evolving and advancing. The advances made just in the past 10 years of cancer care are truly staggering, and I can’t wait to see how this area continues to evolve in the decades to come. The chance to build relationships with patients with this terrible disease, and the ability to guide them through what is likely one of the most difficult times in their lives, is truly humbling and something I hope to never take for granted.

What are you most proud of when you reflect on your medical career?

The process of medical training for the specialties of hematology and medical oncology is at minimum a 14-year journey with undergraduate, medical school, residency, and fellowship. This can be a long and challenging process, and my wife and I had our two children during that time. I am most proud of maintaining a work-life balance throughout. I could be there for my family, while at the same time consistently providing high-quality and compassionate care for my patients, as well as making time to stay up-to-date with this constantly evolving specialty.

What excites you most about joining Texas Oncology?

Texas Oncology is a well-run and physician-owned organization, led by people who understand the multitude of support staff and infrastructure a practicing oncologist requires to be able to focus on patient care. This kind of organization is rare, and I feel very blessed to join Texas Oncology.

What are your hobbies outside of work and why?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and two sons swimming, fishing, dirt bike riding, being involved in my church and community, and attending Texas Christian University sporting events (Go Frogs!). These are things I always enjoyed doing when I was younger, and I want to pass them on to my kids.

How many cities have you and your family lived in? What was your favorite?

My family and I have lived in four different cities in Texas – the Fort Worth/Mid-Cities area, College Station, and Temple – as well as Shreveport, La. Our favorite is, without a doubt, the Fort Worth and Mid-Cities area, as we are close to family, have great schools for our kids, and many opportunities for family activities and events. We are so excited to be moving back home to serve the community here.

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