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2019 Trends: The Rise in Colon Cancer with Dr. Rodriguez-Ruesga

March 13, 2019

Recent studies are shedding light on a concerning trend among those under the age of 50: a sharp rise in colon cancer diagnoses.

The American Cancer Society reports that those born around 1990 have twice the risk of developing colon cancer compared to those born around 1950. What’s more, cases in young adults tend to be diagnosed as late-stage due in part to a delay in seeking a healthcare provider.

Understanding the risks and warning signs associated with colon cancer can play an important role in diagnosis and treatment. The most common symptoms include a chance in bowel habits, frequent bloating, unintentional weight loss, and stools that are narrower than normal.

Preventative steps like maintaining a healthy lifestyle and getting screened are also ways one can lower their risk. Start with a screening colonoscopy at the age of 45. However, a family history of colon cancer or polyps suggests beginning screenings at least 10 years prior to the age of the youngest family member at the time of their colon cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Roberto Rodriguez-Ruesga

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