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Oncology Nurses Improve the Patient Experience

May 15, 2019

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and when it comes to comprehensive cancer care, it takes a dedicated care team of physicians, advance practice providers, nurses, medical assistants, patient benefits representatives, social workers, and many others. Everyone plays a unique role, and each year in May, oncology nurses are celebrated for their commitment to improving the patient experience.

Texas Oncology–Fort Worth Cancer Center’s Beth Cauley, BSN, RN, OCN. (left), with Peggy Bull-Sanchez (right), president of the Fort Worth chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society, which honored  Cauley with the chapter’s Oncology Nurse of the Year Award.

For Beth Cauley, BSN, RN, OCN., nursing always felt more like a calling than a career choice. Cauley, an oncology nurse at Texas Oncology–Fort Worth Cancer Center, was recently named Oncology Nurse of the Year by the Fort Worth chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society.

Cauley says that from an early age her parents instilled in her the motto, “The best life lived is one that serves and helps others.” She has held true to that motto throughout her more than 40-year career when taking care of her patients as well as supporting their families and caregivers.

As for most nurses, nursing is not a job but a passion. I treat others as I would want my family or myself to be treated.”Beth Cauley

Her advice to nurses new to the field? Keep patients first. She advises her younger colleagues to always remember that everyone starts from the beginning, and like any job, it has its challenges, but a career in oncology nursing is also exciting.

“Nursing can be like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, circles, hills, sharp turns, and even going backward at times,” she added, noting that while the patients come first, it’s equally important for nurses to take time to take care of themselves.

Cauley regularly volunteers in her local community and stays active, adding that it helps her stay energized and inspired. Ultimately, this transfers into her continued passion for improving the patient experience.

The cancer journey can be scary and overwhelming for patients and their families. But, with the support of nurses like Beth, they have a “cheerleader” who can make a big difference in their experience.

During Oncology Nursing Month and throughout the year, Texas Oncology thanks oncology nurses for their compassion, commitment to patients, and their many contributions to cancer care.

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