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Top Cancer Trends in 2018

January 30, 2018

In 2018, 120,000 Texans are expected to develop cancer, even as advancements in treatment and early detection have led to a decline in cancer deaths. As the cancer landscape continues to change, our physicians share their perspectives on the top five most important trends in cancer this year.

Toppling Type

  • The location of cancer tumors is becoming less relevant than what’s inside the molecules of cells that comprise them.
  • The Texas Oncology research team has been integral in recent research studies on treating molecular targets rather than just simply traditional cancer subtypes.

No Chemo?

  • While chemotherapy is still a main type of therapy, cancer treatment is becoming more targeted at specific gene mutations.
  • Innovations like immunotherapy, CAR-T therapy, proton therapy, and new medicines are transforming cancer care.

Big Data = Big Solutions

  • Texas Oncology is at the forefront of using big data to improve cancer care, including genetic risk assessment, therapeutic discovery, and improving health services with a focus on patient-centered care.

Surviving and Thriving

  • Texas Oncology is delivering innovative cancer treatment to patients – including breakthrough clinical trials and personalized treatments that are more effective and less toxic with better outcomes.
  • When treatment ends, Texas Oncology provides patients with a survivorship plan, a roadmap for what lies ahead, helping patients transition into "the new normal."

Patient Power

  • Well-informed patients better understand their cancer and their treatment.
  • Texas Oncology is taking steps to improve communication with patients about their treatment and more patient participation in decision making for their cancer care.

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