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Poster Presentation at American Association of Physicists in Medicine

July 25, 2017

Texas Oncology–San Antonio medical physicists Carlos Esquivel, Ph.D., and Rebecca McInturf participated in an exercise to compare the quality of treatment plans utilizing various tools. A poster detailing the results was accepted by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and will be presented at the society's national meeting on August 1 in Denver, CO.

The topic of the poster is "IMRT Plan Quality Assessment Using Pinnacle’s Auto-Planning and Sun Nuclear Corporation’s PlanIQ Plan Evaluation and Feasibility."

Patient plans from varying treatment sites were originally optimized and treated based on a feasibility assessment using Sun Nuclear’s PlanIQ tool. The feasibility objectives from PlanIQ were then used within a recently introduced accelerated dose engine for IMRT and VMAT, Philips’ Auto-Planning. The objective was to assess and compare the quality of plans produced by Auto-Planning, with one iteration, compared to plans generated with multiple iterations and PlanIQ alone.

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