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Dr. Andrew Lee Makes International Presentation to Particle Therapy Cooperative Group

May 27, 2016

Texas Center for Proton Therapy’s Dr. Andrew Lee was invited to speak at the Particle Therapy Cooperative Group conference. Particle therapy centers from around the globe are represented at this annual international meeting. The group invites world-renowned experts in particle therapy to give educational presentations to new particle therapy centers and centers looking to advance.

The program is typically divided into two sections, education and scientific. For almost a decade, Dr. Lee has led the GU-Prostate education session. He will discuss innovative approaches to prostate cancer care with other experts from across the globe. Dr. Lee has attended the Particle Therapy Cooperative Group conference for more than 10 years, and in that time it has grown significantly. This year’s conference is held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Particle Therapy Cooperative Group, a non-profit global organization comprised of scientists and professionals who have an interest in proton, light ion, and heavy charged particle radiotherapy, works to improve cancer treatment through science, technology, and practical application of particle therapy.

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