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Welcome Preethi Ramachandran to Texas Oncology-Round Rock North and Harker Heights

September 15, 2023

Preethi Ramachandran, M.D., hematologist and medical oncologist, is now seeing patients at Texas Oncology—Round Rock North and Harker Heights. Dr. Ramachandran shares her thoughts on the long-term relationship between oncologists and their patients, and the greatest lesson she’s learned as a physician.

Did you always know you wanted to be a doctor, specifically specializing in cancer care?

I was fascinated by the complexity of the human body during my childhood, and this developed into a passion for the medical profession. My oncology rotation during residency training inspired me to pursue a career in cancer care. The long-term relationships oncologists form with patients are emotional and challenging, and I want to play a part in bringing some positivity to their lives. This profession is ethically rewarding, exciting, and forever evolving.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned as a physician so far?

As a doctor, the virtues of compassion, empathy, and teamwork develop over time. However, the greatest lesson I have learned is that of patient engagement by way of clear communication, which is a fundamental pillar of patient care.

How has training in both the UK and the U.S. made you a better physician?

Training in the UK provided me with an exceptional foundation in specialized hematology care in subspecialties like sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, bone marrow transplant, pediatric hematology, and laboratory hematology.

My training in the U.S. has added another layer to my skills and knowledge, giving me a strong foundation in managing solid tumors, which make up a significant portion of cancer. Additionally, the focus on clinical trials and research in the U.S. has undoubtedly exposed me to the forefront of medical innovation.

This diverse exposure to different medical systems, patient populations, and approaches to care has broadened my perspective and made me a more adaptable and versatile physician.

Do you have a favorite memory from a volunteer experience and what was it?

My favorite volunteer experience was during my medical school training in India when I assisted with a blood donation camp in a rural village. This helped me acquire invaluable insight into social service programs and how impactful they can be. The ability to handle responsibilities at a very young age was a blessing to me.

Do you prefer to read books or watch movies? Why?

I equally enjoy watching movies and reading books. Both mediums have their own pros and cons. Some content is best appreciated on a screen to get a better visual experience. Books, on the other hand, often provide a more in-depth exploration of character, emotion, and motivation.

Where is your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to and why?

Alaska is one of my favorite places that I have visited so far. It is a paradise on earth with its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse landscapes, vast wilderness, rugged mountains, glaciers, and stunning wildlife.

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