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Debunking Popular Myths of Breast Cancer

Publication: KVII-TV (ABC, Amarillo)

This month we are discussing the most popular myths about breast cancer.

Myth: Once I finish breast cancer treatment, the cancer will never come back.

Fact: Once the cancer has been removed and all treatments are complete, there is still a risk of the original cancer coming back. This is called recurrence, and it depends on the patient’s age, genetics, stage, and type of breast cancer.

Myth: If I have a family history of breast cancer, that means I will get breast cancer.

Fact: Having a family history of breast cancer does not guarantee you will develop breast cancer. Talk to your physician about your risk if you have a genetic history of breast cancer.

Breast cancer cannot be completely prevented, but women can take steps to decrease risk and/or improve early detection of the disease. It is important to discuss with a physician your individual risk factors, including age, menopausal status, and family history to determine your screening needs.

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